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What products do we use to clean carpets? Meet Ultrapac Extreme


COLORADO SPRINGS – Many people with tough stains in their carpets have asked me recently what cleaning solutions does Triple C Restoration, and Triple C Complete Carpet Care and Restoration respectively, use when we are called upon for a certified carpet cleaning service.

So with this question coming up regularly, I wanted to introduce our clients/readers to Prochem’s Ultrapac Extreme, a powerful pre-spray used for many cleaning challenges and for professional use only.

Ultrapac Extreme is a general purpose pre-spray used for carpets during hot water extraction. This product is most recommended on water cleanable, synthetic carpeting and is compatibile with both portable or truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems, much like the truck-mounted system Triple C Restoration uses.

This product includes water conditioning agents, surfactants, solvents and alkaline builders. In all conditions, Ultrapac Extreme has a complex buffering system which maintains the pH stable to maximize cleaning potential. It is stable up to 212-degrees F and the RTU will not separate and can be stored for several weeks. Additives are not necessary for this product since it’s balance of ingredients is so stable.

Ultrapac Extreme is designed to be used with an extraction rinse, also from Prochem, but not one in particular. An optional powder Defoamer can be used to control the amount of foam in the event the carper has high-foam residues from prior cleaning. This means where other carpet cleaning companies may not have been as careful with its application as Triple C Restoration may be, our certified technicians are prepared and can handle any surprises left behind.

While we have other products available to proactively clean carpets with our certified training and experience, our technicians always verify this product can be used on the client’s particular carpets prior to application. Our technicians are certified and trained to ensure whichever product they use will not harm the fibers of the carpet and give the project a thorough inspection to know which products are best suited for it. This is why using a company with certified technicians is so important.

Sometimes, depending on the application, air movers may be required for the drying of the carpet. Fortunately, Triple C Restoration’s location in Colorado Springs, as well as Hurri-Dry Nationwide’s location in Panama City Beach, Fla., has a variety of air movers in stock should the cleaning project require one. Should proper air flow be required for appropriate drying, depending on the structure of the building and its ventilation system, our technicians are trained to discuss any of these concerns with our clients before starting the application.

Our technicians are also trained to recognize any objects in the path of the application which may get damaged if they come in contact with moisture or the product itself if not properly moved; furniture legs, floor length window treatments, sofa skirts, etc. These are all aspects of a certified cleaning service for which we always keep an eye out.

In addition, our technicians are also trained to see any imparities to the carpet which may cause problems. Triple C Restoration also provides carpet repair and re-stretching, so our technicians find a portion of the carpet in need of repair for proper cleaning, they are able to handle that particular situation as well.

With Ultrapac Extreme, the proper RTU solutions are very important. Luckily, the product comes with its pre-designed scoop. If our technicians decide an inline injection sprayer is necessary with a 1:8 tip, they would use eight scopes of the product with enough water to make five quarts of the solution and ensure the power is fully dissolved.

Technicians, after vacuuming the carpet if needed and conducting their pre-inspection, treat spot stains and perform their pretest if necessary, will apply the solution and brush or rake the carpet fibers. After this, they would allow 15 minutes for the solution to “dwell,” but not let the carpet dry. Our certified technicians will use the rinse extraction they deem the best fit and then use air movers or properly ventilate the property to provide the fastest drying time possible.

Children and pets should always be kept away from the technicians and their equipment. There are always hoses and other safety items we would not want unset to prevent damage to the property or its contents, or heaven forbid cause a safety concern for the little ones and fur babies. However, the solution is safe for children and pets to make contact after it is dry. Children and pets shouldn’t pass over the completed cleaning until it is dry also to prevent inconsistencies of the application.

Ultrapac Extreme has a minty fragrance enhancing a client’s experience having Triple C Restoration provide its certified cleaning services. With products like Ultrapac Extreme, the experience is that much more satisfying for our clients.

About Triple C Restoration / Hurri-Dry Nationwide:

In business since 1990, Triple C / Hurri-Dry is not only a certified firm by the Institute of Inspections, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we also require each of our technicians are certified as well. We also maintain certifications in Applied Structural Drying and Mold Remediation and we are also a Clean Trust certified firm. Our in-house ability to handle damages to large commercial facilities and muti-family properties, as well as single-family homes, makes our company unique with hyper-efficient disaster response times. Our company’s ownership team is extremely hands-on and we pride ourselves on the daily communication and progress reporting we provide to our clients as we serve them. We offer discounted rates on equipment rentals and our fast-and-easy financing for those who qualify allow us to serve clients who find themselves in need of our services but without the immediate funds.

Triple C Restoration (719) 633-1884

Hurri-Dry Nationwide (888)685-7329

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