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Improve Father’s Day by improving indoor air quality


COLORADO SPRINGS – Father’s Day is coming. And with safer-at-home measures still being encouraged, Triple C Restoration strongly encourages improving the indoor air quality of your home or property for Father’s Day.

This is why, starting June 8 and through June 19, the Friday before Father’s Day, Triple C Restoration in Colorado Springs is holding a special promotion to help your family’s indoor air quality. We are offering 10% OFF* when you schedule air ducts and dryer vent cleanings. Restrictions apply (see below).

The process of cleaning air ducts generally uses negative pressure technology, a methodical process which has been proven extremely effective and efficient. This is not a fast service. In fact, if your air duct cleaning contractor is in and out in an hour, you will more than likely find more dust settling in your home than before the service was performed.

It is important your certified cleaning service provider, particularly Triple C Restoration, is constantly researching best practices for these types of specialized services and follows standardized methods developed by the National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA).

But while the importance of properly executing this type of service is important, having the service itself is just as paramount to ensuring the improvement of your properties indoor air quality.

Air Ventilation Ducts

As seasonal temperatures begin to rise with Spring and ultimately summer, many property owners and managers obviously make use of their forced air system and air conditioning. Many irritants in the air of a property can be coming from pollutants collected in the HVAC ventilation ducts or “air ducts.” It’s not only dust which settles in this duct system over a period of months. Again, pollen, bacteria, pet dander and even mildew can form, especially in the case of properties with a humidifier system set too high throughout the year.

A certified cleaning from professional technicians can restore the duct system to a much clean and sanitized state and improve the indoor air quality of the property. Persons particularly sensitive to allergens should have this service performed regularly, more than every Spring.

Another benefit to having a property’s air ducts cleaned by certified professionals is it helps deodorize a property. Mildew and pet dander, among other pollutants, can create an odor over time. This odor can sometimes be sensed when a property first uses its air conditioning for the first time of the Spring. Homeowners and managers will sometimes become “nose blind,” to invoke a Febreze commercial, to these odors of the Spring, but patrons and guests will notice. Certified professionals who perform an air duct cleaning can usually rid a property of odor from the ventilation system and improve the system’s overall efficiency.

Dryer Vents

Because lint is highly flammable, a dryer vent is a high danger of causing a property fire if the dryer vent and duct system for it are not properly treated on a regular basis. Not only is having the dryer vent properly treated important for this reason, a cleaned and clear dryer vent usually helps improve dry times and efficiency. Items being dried become dry more efficiently and in less time, which saves energy.

There were almost 16,000 fires reported to U.S. Fire Departments of property fires which were started due to lint clogged dryer vent systems between 2010 and 2014. The importance of having this service performed on a regular basis by experienced professionals is paramount.

* Father’s Day promotional offer - Restrictions apply. Both air ducts cleaning and dryer vents must be scheduled together to receive the 10% discount. Minimum Services Charges still apply. This offer cannot be used in combination with any other promotional offer, coupon or discount. This offer cannot be used towards emergency services. This offer is good through June 19, 2020.

About Triple C Restoration:

In business since 1990, Triple C Restoration is not only a certified firm by the Institute of Inspections, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we also require each of our technicians to be certified as well. We also maintain certifications in Applied Structural Drying and Mold Remediation. Our in-house ability to handle damages to large commercial facilities and multi-family properties, as well as single-family homes, makes our company unique with hyper-efficient disaster response times. Our company’s ownership team is extremely hands-on and we pride ourselves on the daily communication and progress reporting we provide to our clients as we serve them. We offer discounted rates on equipment rentals and our fast-and-easy financing for those who qualify allow us to serve clients who find themselves in need of our services but without the immediate funds.

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Daniel Wickham
Daniel Wickham
13 июн.

Thank you for highlighting the importance of indoor air quality. My indoor air also needs some improvement, and hiring a professional HVAC Contractor service seems like a perfect Father’s Day gift.

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