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Connecting with others at the 2020 State of the State with Colorado Gov. Jared Polis


COLORADO SPRINGS - Connecting with other businesses and individuals is always important to one which prides itself on being part of and serving a community. Part of this philosophy at Triple C Restoration/Hurri-Dry Nationwide involves maintaining a profile at Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce & EDC events. The latest gathering which we attended was this chamber's 2020 State of the State with Colorado Governor Jared Polis, Jan. 31 at DoubleTree by Hilton in Colorado Springs.

After connecting with other businesses based in Colorado Springs, and sharing our ability to service water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, mold remediation, sewage cleanup and a variety of other disasters which require 24-hour emergency response, the event's keynote speaker, Gov. Jared Polis took to the podium.

During the Governor's address, he updated the ensemble on the present achievements and struggles regarding the state's education, transportation and infrastructure, economic growth, low-income housing, health care, parks and open spaces as well as tax incentives for Colorado business and a reduction in the income tax rate.

Polis noted most of these achievements have been due to a bi-partisan effort, to which Colorado legislature is ahead of the curve. In fact, he said 95% of the bills he has signed have come to him with both Democrat and Republican votes to move them into law. Lowering taxes for small businesses, investment in transportation and low-cost housing have all come about with bi-partisan efforts, he said.

"We are making great progress together," Polis said.

Although the state has seen a boost in jobs and economic growth, Polis said his travels through El Paso County and the Front Range of Colorado has allowed him to hear many feel these areas are on an "economic treadmill."

"People are having trouble getting ahead financially, so they are able to spend more time with their families," the Gov. said. "That's the charge for us as public officials; Saving families money and protecting what makes Colorado special."

In lieu of education, Polis noted state efforts have led to every child in the state having free Kindergarten available to them and because of this enrollment in Kindergarten is now up to approximately 12,000 students, he said.

"This frees up a second parents to return to work sooner if they choose," Polis said. "Young parents should have the ability to work if they want."

The state has also worked together to implement a reduction in the Colorado income tax from 4.63% to 4.5%, Polis said. This reduction presently is set for one year but work is continuing to make the tax rate lower for a more long-term plan. The idea is to broaden the base of taxpayers and reduce the tax rate, he said. In addition, last year, Polis and legislators worked to implement a tax cut for 144,000 businesses in Colorado.

Although the state has looked to invest and reinvest in education and transportation, Polis said the budget has been designed to leave money unspent and in reserves so the state can be prepared for another recession in the future.

"We know sometimes putting money in reserves is a hard sell," the Gov. said. "But the state is just like families who need to save when things are plentiful in preparation for the next rough patch."

For health care, developing incentives to help create competition among the state's health care entities and drive down cost and align to improve quality of care, Polis said.

The growth of the state's population has put a strain on its water, air and land, he said. And thanks to Proposition DD last November, the state has moved more money into state parks. Polis said his goal was to open up more state trust land for public enjoyment. His goal is to open up 500,000 acres of this land before the end of his first term, he said.

In addition, this growth has made the state's roadways more congested and the state is working with local governments for solutions and how to address more expansion.

"It affects economic productivity and keeps people who are trying to get home away from their families," Polis said.

Triple C Restoration knows how valuable family and one's home can be, as well as a business. This is why we pride ourselves on our comprehensive and super-efficient 24-Hour Emergency Response when disasters happen. Our certified technicians can handle large losses requiring water damage restoration, fire and smoke restoration, mold remediation, sewage clean up and vast amount of other emergency restoration services for both commercial and residential properties through the Front Range of Colorado including Colorado Springs.

Hurri-Dry Nationwide provides companies with access to large quantities of specialized drying and cleaning equipment also for commercial and residential use, nationwide. In addition to restoration equipment rental and sales, our firm offers support to companies in needs of servicing equipment and project management, as well as estimating services for small to large losses due to natural disasters and other catastrophes. Whether you have a small company and new to the restoration industry, or a seasoned, experienced firm, Hurri-Dry Nationwide can guide through every step of a project.

About Triple C Restoration / Hurri-Dry Nationwide:

In business since 1990, Triple C / Hurri-Dry is not only a certified firm by the Institute of Inspections, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we also require each of our technicians are certified as well. We also maintain certifications in Applied Structural Drying and Mold Remediation and we are also a Clean Trust certified firm. Our in-house ability to handle damages to large commercial facilities and muti-family properties, as well as single-family homes, makes our company unique with hyper-efficient disaster response times. Our company’s ownership team is extremely hands-on and we pride ourselves on the daily communication and progress reporting we provide to our clients as we serve them. We offer discounted rates on equipment rentals and our fast-and-easy financing for those who qualify allow us to serve clients who find themselves in need of our services but without the immediate funds.

Triple C Restoration (719) 633-1884

Hurri-Dry Nationwide (888) 685-7329

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