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After COVID-19, how do businesses and properties begin to heal in the aftermath?


United States – With any natural disaster with devastating effects, leaving behind a wake of damages in its path, there is a period of time when the disaster has ended, but life has not or cannot return to normal quite yet.

This period of time is when neighborhoods, public safety officials, utilities and public works crews and a sea of volunte

ers coordinate to clean up from the disaster.

However, when the disaster is a viral outbreak, which still damages businesses, offices, venues and grinds cultural ongoings to a halt, is there still a period of time when those affected must pick up the pieces of what happened? The answer is yes. It’s a different kind of clean up effort, but there is still a significant period of healing required to move on from such a disaster.

For weeks and possibly months, people will have been told not to leave their homes, not to gather at restaurants, go to the cinema, avoid airports, concerts and sporting events. Weeks and months of what may bring generations of Americans as close to Martial Law as they’ve ever seen; weeks and months of being told to be cautious or suffer perils of severe illness and possibly death if we do any of the things outside our home which once brought us joy.

With this in mind, It is easy to assume when these measures are finally lifted, people will still be nervous to return to what we’ve known as “normal life.” Glad and excited, for certain. But nervous, rest assured.

That’s where those of us in the restoration industry which are trained and experienced enough to brave the perils of biological and viral hazardous cleanup will become instrumental in relieving the cultural anxiety post-outbreak. Those of us in the industry are ready to help return properties to a state of cleanliness and sanitization to help heal from the disaster, to help sooth the anxiety of what “could be lurking” in the venues and restaurants we regularly enjoy should they not have certified professionals treat their establishments.

Business owners which rely on patrons visiting should consider getting a professional treatment for COVID-19 of their properties, venues and offices. However, when we are finally at a point we can begin to heal from this viral disaster and we can professionally clean our favorite hot spots and business firms to offer peace of mind to patrons and consumers, how long will it take for restoration companies to work through the long list of clients needing this highly specialized cleanup? This is yet another unknown. However, looking at the number of businesses in an area and comparing it to the number of restoration companies, not all of which perform viral cleanup and sanitizing services, one could predict a potential bottleneck of clients needing COVID-19 treatment.

In Colorado Springs alone, where the HDTC National Headquarters are located, there are approximately 39,500 businesses and/or firms. Not even one percent of those are restoration companies in the Pikes Peak area, and of those, not all perform biohazard and viral cleanup and sanitizing.

It is important to have certified professionals perform viral cleanup. Companies like ours have trained and experienced professionals who know how to keep themselves and their clients safe during property treatment of hazardous biological and viral agents. But with only one percent of businesses in an area ready to help clean and sanitize the mass of remaining businesses in an effort to reopen to normal operations, scheduling could be an issue.

Now is the time to have your property or your business treated with our COVID-19 cleaning and sanitizing service. Even if a business owner or manager feels it may be better to wait until May or at least closer to being given the green light to reopen, NOW is the time to get on the schedule and have the property treated. Waiting may mean a business doesn’t get treated in a timely manner and gets caught up in the bottleneck of vital services being managed by that certified, trained and experienced one percent.

In the time of Polio, areas with poor sanitation became hot beds for the spread of the virus. Eventually, those infected with polio could spread the virus with basic touch and inhaling airborne droplets from an infected person’s cough. Sound familiar?

It is unclear presently how long the measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 will last. It is also unclear how long it will take to produce a proven vaccine which can be mass produced and distributed around the world. Johnson & Johnson announced it was looking to begin clinical trials on a COVID-19 vaccine this October and possibly have the product available early next year.

Now this may seem like a very long time of unknown future. For many of us, a vaccine is the answer to returning to normal life, and if the vaccine is still eight months away at the earliest, how do we return to cultural gatherings and our way of life, even if we are on the end of the pandemic curve? Polio was discovered in the United State at the turn of the 1900’s. It wasn’t until 1979 the virus was eliminated through a vaccination program. Now, granted the time of polio befell the nation when technological advances in medicine weren’t what they are today, but the point is, a major outbreak of this kind doesn’t go away overnight.

It is going to take a lot of cleanup to heal the damages this viral disaster has caused. But our company is always ready to respond to disaster; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are eager to continue the healing, and we are proud to be a part of the one percent. Call now and get scheduled for your property’s treatment.

About Triple C Restoration:

In business since 1990, Triple C Restoration is not only a certified firm by the Institute of Inspections, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), we also require each of our technicians are certified as well. We also maintain certifications in Applied Structural Drying and Mold Remediation. Our in-house ability to handle damages to large commercial facilities and multi-family properties, as well as single-family homes, makes our company unique with hyper-efficient disaster response times. Our company’s ownership team is extremely hands-on and we pride ourselves on the daily communication and progress reporting we provide to our clients as we serve them. We offer discounted rates on equipment rentals and our fast-and-easy financing for those who qualify allow us to serve clients who find themselves in need of our services but without the immediate funds.

Triple C Restoration (719) 633-1884

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